“IASIS MCN…For The ‘Fraid, Dazed & Crazed”

“IASIS MCN…For The ‘Fraid, Dazed & Crazed”

IASIS MCN Provider Observation on IASIS MCN

Written by: William “Ryan” McWhorter, MD

As a Family Practitioner I’m always looking for a solution to the frequent problems of anxiety, depression and other common psychiatric concerns. These problems seem to be ever increasing and have gotten more difficult to treat. I was quite reluctant to get IASIS as it just was not in my normal frame of treating patients.

I got it at the recommendation of another physician, and quite frankly I put it off for some time because I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing and it seemed just too good to be true.

If you told me you could change a patient’s life with a single device as much as IASIS it would’ve been impossible for me to believe. I’ve been practicing family practice and functional medicine for 20 years and I have seen a lot of health changes. I’ve been witness to growing epidemic brain diseases to include ADD, anxiety, depression, migraines and even dementia. Even those without “diseases” can suffer with insomnia, low hormones and low libido, fatigue, irritability, and even GI problems.

Although researchers work diligently for answers and therapies these problems can be very difficult to treat. There is rarely a single cause. When I first heard of IASIS I was doing all I could to help by encouraging sleep and rest, quality nutrition, and gut healing therapies, etc. There was slow progress but so many just stayed “stuck”. 

I was happy to learn of anything that could bring answers to troubled patients. When I learned that IASIS could offer help to all of those patient types, I immediately looked into what I had heard and confirmed what I was hearing. Once verified I was still a little reluctant that even if it worked well, there might be significant hesitation on part of the patients. This therapy was not typical for my type practice. The truth is it has absolutely been sold by successful patients that have been willing to share.  

Those with foggy brains spoke of being cleared, tremors undeniably improved, people put cigarettes and alcohol down. The depressed are excited and tell their friends, the anxious share stories of peaceful sleep, the head injured are described as “being back to their old selves”. 

Some of these patients insist that others do it in similar circumstances. As an IASIS provider I no longer fear I may not can help the one whose eyes are downcast, the troubled sleeper that has tried everything (“everything!”), head injured with “fuzziness”, and slowed communication skills.

We’ve had patients re-establish relationships that had become “too difficult”. IASIS has allowed us to bring hope to the hopeless. 

We have seen the family of a Vietnam Veteran that was so reluctant to do it notice almost immediate very real improvements in personality. These are very real changes that even grandkids notice. As much as we love hearing about these successes, perhaps the greatest part of IASIS is that these real changes are lasting. 

In some way the capacity of the brain is recovering, it is self-regulating. With this simple truth, that makes IASIS one of the most successful interventions available to help patients that are truly hurting. IASIS can be helpful to all these and many more. The modern brain has been compromised, relationships have been eroded. I am told that mental illness has become the number one cause of disability. 

I’m so excited that venturing into becoming an IASIS provider gives me a solution to the patient that asks “Why can’t I get better “. There is no greater joy than delivering hope and getting people back to work and closeness/intimacy back into relationships and assisting in bringing joy into people’s lives. I recommend it to anyone with brain issues, anyone who needs a change, even if it’s a very big change. I cannot imagine practicing medicine without its assistance. 

If you are looking for answers, then IASIS as a safe and natural therapy would be the very first thing I would consider. If you have tried “everything!” then we have some really good news because IASIS is a highly effective therapy is likely to be a complete game changer. There is no reason to wait. I recommend calling a provider.

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