Michael Brown, PhD

Michael Brown, PhD

Dr. Michael Brown

Clinical Advisor

My name is Dr Michael Brown, and I have a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology. I was introduced to IASIS a little over 6 months ago through Barry Bruder, as well as my father Dr William J. Brown who saw IASIS MCN in action at an integrative medicine convention last year. After my wife and I completed the foundations certification in January of 2018, Barry came and worked with us in our private practice; teaching and showing us the beauty of this wonderful healing tool. Since that day 6 months ago, we have done over 1500 sessions of MCN and seen the lives of over 90% of our patients transformed. The success stories just keep coming. Our mission at Brown Integrative Wellness is to provide patients with a warm and caring environment with professional services to heal the mind and body without harmful prescription medications. Nothing has ever come close to IASIS.

We have been so successful that we have purchased 4 systems to grow our practice and reach as many people as we can. In all my years of clinical practice in health care, psychotherapy and in-patient psychiatric services, I have never seen patients benefit so quickly, and so many families and lives changed. I am truly humbled to be a part of something so extraordinary. Without this technology I would not have the joy of seeing patients truly change before my eyes……those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, migraines, pain, etc. Thank you to Barry Bruder and our friends at IASIS for providing us with the tools we need to be successful in our practice.

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