IASIS MCN: A Neurofeedback Breakthrough

Discover the astounding potential of IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback (IASIS MCN), a remarkable tool designed to aid your patients in achieving balance and relaxation within their nervous system. Our state-of-the-art neurofeedback system improves connectivity between the gut, heart, and brain, leading to optimized neurotransmitter production and unmatched benefits for their overall well-being. Prepare to revolutionize countless lives!

Conditions for Which Iasis MCN Has Been Found Helpful

IASIS MCN targets high delta brain waves, which could lead to symptom relief and improved wellness for those with a variety of conditions.






Learning Disabilities



and many more.

neurofeedback benefits practitioners

Practitioner AND Patient Benefits

Unlock extraordinary patient outcomes with the cutting-edge IASIS MCN neurofeedback system. Surpass the limitations of traditional methods, offering rapid, discernible improvements that encourage patient loyalty and repeat visits. Experience swift financial returns, typically within a 3-6 month period, as your patients enjoy enhanced well-being. Effortlessly incorporate IASIS MCN into your clinic in mere days, complete with extensive training and 24/7 support. Elevate your practice’s standard of care with this revolutionary technology.

IASIS MCN vs. Traditional Neurofeedback

Forget everything you know about traditional neurofeedback. With IASIS MCN, there’s no need for brain mapping. Experience sustainable change and save time and money with 1/3 fewer sessions. Our revolutionary neurofeedback system is entirely passive, eliminating the need for therapy or communication. Plus, unlike conventional neurofeedback, IASIS MCN produces a gentle yet effective signal, avoiding potential side effects. Discover the power of IASIS MCN and unlock your brain’s full potential.

Traditional NFB
Number of Sessions
Treatment Area
Entire Brain
Reactivity Levels
Little to None
Excessive Reactivity
Side Effects
Experience Curve
Return On Investment
3-6 months
1-3 years
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Explore IASIS MCN's Scientific Research and Latest Studies

Scientific research is crucial to technological advancements, and IASIS MCN has conducted collaborative studies with renowned institutions, including US Universities and the US Veterans Administration. Our findings, detailed in numerous white papers, have consistently validated IASIS MCN’s groundbreaking work, showcasing significant improvements. Esteemed doctors and clinicians from across the globe endorse our approach, urging clients to discover its numerous benefits.

Pathways to Healing: Insights from Global Health Leaders

IASIS Technologies‘ CEO, Barry Bruder, engages with top minds in the healthcare field. Discover their innovative strategies for aiding patient recovery.

Episode 1: Dr. Dayan Goodenowe
Episode 2: Beau Armistead
Episode 3: Dr. Michael Brown
“IASIS MCN has helped people that I had no solution for and I’ve been a doctor for 45 years. If I did not have this life-changing tool, I don’t know what I would’ve done for many of those very complex individuals whose nervous systems were so compromised."
Frank Shallenberger MCN Neurofeedback
Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine

IASIS MCN Certification Requirements For Becoming A Practitioner

To become a certified practitioner, individuals must possess at least 2 years of clinical training and be licensed in the state or country of their residence. To request a purchase, practitioners must submit a purchase request form. Approvals are typically given within 24-48 hours, and payment will be processed. Afterward, practitioners will receive a link to access virtual training, followed by registration for the practicum training. The neurofeedback device will be shipped within 2-3 business days upon payment confirmation.

Iasis Technologies: Their Impeccable Reputation Rooted in Advanced Neurofeedback Science

The IASIS Tech team brings together experienced medical, healthcare, and first-responder professionals to expand the IASIS MCN network and help people live better lives. We offer comprehensive training and certification for practitioners, ensuring confident and skillful use of IASIS MCN. Our 24/7 communication platform connects practitioners with clinical advisors and provides access to a support portal filled with the latest information, tips, research, forums, and studies. This empowers practitioners to fully optimize IASIS MCN for their practice and clients.

Discover what clients and practitioners are saying about the incredible benefits of IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback.

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