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Experience comprehensive training from IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback (IASIS MCN), both virtually and in-person, designed to equip primary providers and additional technicians with essential knowledge and skills for exceptional neurofeedback therapy care. After completing your training, you will gain exclusive access to our provider-only website.

Improve Your Skills With Practitioner-Only Website

Unlock the full potential of your neurofeedback practice with exclusive access to our practitioners-only website! Engage in our robust Neurofeedback Training programs and explore a treasure trove of resources tailored just for you. Hone your skills, elevate patient care, and join the ranks of elite professionals in the neurofeedback field. The website provides;

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Get Started With IASIS Virtual Training

Welcome to level one IASIS Virtual Training (IVT), your gateway to mastering IASIS MCN. IVT offers a complete online Zoom training with three crucial modules: ‘practicum prep,’ ‘conducting an IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback session,’ and the ‘treatment planning’ module. Dive in at your own pace within seven days of receipt to elevate your skills. Practitioners can access expert-led training sessions online anytime, anywhere, to optimize their time and resources conveniently and answer all your questions. Elevate your neurofeedback proficiency today!

Iasis mcn neurofeeback training

Learn Foundations of IASIS (FOI) Neurofeedback Techniques

The Foundations of IASIS (FOI) level two training is a mandatory 2-day in-person program for those who purchase a Micro Current Neurofeedback device. Offered in Murrieta, Houston, and Buffalo, this program combines lectures with hands-on practice to equip providers with the knowledge and skills to administer this type of neurofeedback therapy. Through demonstrations, practicums, and exams, FOI ensures participants understand how to use the device and effectively deliver neurofeedback sessions. Upon successful completion within four months from the day practitioners receive their system, participants receive a certificate and a listing on the IASIS Technologies practitioner directory.

FOI Neurofeedback Training 2024 Dates

IASIS MCN Onsite Neurofeedback Training for Practitioners

Introducing the onsite Foundations of IASIS (FOI) level two training, an exclusive opportunity for practitioners to harness the expertise of our certified instructors from the convenience of their own office. This specially designed program brings all the benefits of FOI neurofeedback training without the need for travel and staff expenses. Our onsite neurofeedback training sessions consist of two days of hands-on didactic/practicum training. We can accommodate one primary provider and up to six additional trainees. Contact a representative now to secure your spot despite the high demand and limited availability. Please note that the onsite neurofeedback training fee is additional and varies based on the number of attendees.

Neurofeedback Training & Ongoing Support: Reach Your Full Potential

Discover the wealth of resources available to certified providers at IASIS Tech. Our exclusive website offers an array of informative materials, including videos, forums, documents, and third-party add-ons, all designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of our cutting-edge neurofeedback device. Our exceptional clinical and technical team, led by Barry Bruder and Theresa Horab, is readily available to address any questions or offer valuable suggestions for your success. In addition, our cloud-based software provides real-time software updates and enhancements. Plus, benefit from our global network of certified providers, eager to share tips and recommendations with new providers like you.
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IASIS ToolBox: Training, Resource & Support Center for Practitioners

IASIS Tech’s “ToolBox” packages will propel your neurofeedback services to new heights. Seamlessly integrating a suite of training, resources, and support tools, this all-in-one platform is tailored to streamline your neurofeedback practice for maximum effectiveness. With automatic enrollment in the exclusive Bronze “IASIS ToolBox,” practitioners gain immediate expertise. Elevate your practice further with advanced Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. Explore the possibilities at our IASIS ToolBox hub and elevate your neurofeedback practice now.

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