IASIS Tech: Redefining Neurofeedback

Since 2010, Iasis Tech has revolutionized brain health with its pioneering IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (IASIS MCN) device. As the premier supplier of IASIS MCN, we empower healthcare practitioners around the globe to aid brain health. Our commitment reaches an array of clients, including mental health experts, healthcare authorities, military personnel, emergency response teams, and elite athletes, all benefit from our state-of-the-art neurofeedback device. Our commitment to innovation places us at the forefront of neurofeedback technology, driving advancements in the field for enhanced brain health and wellness.

Revolution Begins: The Moment IASIS Tech Took Shape

In 2010, Laura and Barry Bruder founded Iasis Tech to revolutionize neurofeedback therapy. Barry, a certified LENS provider, envisioned a faster, less cumbersome system. His innovative protocols achieved a breakthrough: slashing the number of sessions in half, down to a mere 3-5. This streamlined approach, known as “Leading Edge,” delivers lasting results. The true mark of their success lies in the widespread adoption of their groundbreaking LIP-tES technology by leading mental health professionals and integrative medicine doctors who recognize its profound impact. Witnessing IASIS MCN become a globally recognized modality is their most fulfilling accomplishment.

  • "Without science, one is just a nice person with a nice idea."
    "Without science, one is just a nice person with a nice idea."
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IASIS Tech: Innovation Powered by Expertise

Building a better healthcare future, together. The IASIS Tech team is a powerful mix of medical professionals and technology experts. We work side-by-side to expand the IASIS MCN network, fostering collaboration and innovation to improve everyone’s well-being.

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IASIS Tech: Cultivating Strong Partnerships for Community Resilience

IASIS Tech is your partner in mental wellness. Our advanced neurofeedback solutions offer new hope for those struggling with addiction, PTSD, and other challenges. We support Matthews Hope Foundation in bringing accessible outpatient care, and we’re dedicated to healing heroes – firefighters, veterans, and others – through partnerships with organizations like Watering Seeds Foundation and Clear Path Addiction Care. Join us in the fight for mental wellness. 

Pathways to Healing: Insights from Global Health Leaders

IASIS Technologies‘ CEO, Barry Bruder, engages with top minds in the healthcare field. Discover their innovative strategies for aiding patient recovery.

IASIS MCN Endorsed by Dr. Shallenberger

Uncover the reasons behind Dr. Frank Shallenberger, endorsement of IASIS MCN from his work at The Nevada Center for Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine. Explore the remarkable benefits observed in the mental, emotional, and physical health of his patients. Don’t miss the insightful video testimonial! Watch now to see the impact of IASIS MCN firsthand.

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Your Questions Answered: IASIS MCN Client FAQs

People typically observe initial changes within three sessions, sometimes a few more. The number of sessions needed varies based on the severity of the condition. After completing treatment, additional sessions are generally not required. In some cases, individuals may need a “booster” session.

Experience the power of IASIS MCN, a cutting-edge neurofeedback therapy that harnesses your brain’s potential. By utilizing minimally invasive signals, this groundbreaking approach empowers the brain and nervous system to self-regulate and optimize your performance like never before. IASIS MCN generates more helpful brainwave patterns and offers unprecedented benefits, with an observed decrease in reactivity and an increase in long-lasting sustainability. Plus, its noninvasive nature makes it a gentle and accessible choice for all.

IASIS MCN uses visual or auditory cues linked to a patient’s physiological data (like brain alpha wave activity, muscle tension, skin temperature) for voluntary control. It involves a prescription battery-powered device designed for relaxation training and muscle reeducation.

Traditional Neurofeedback is commonly linked with mindfulness training. In this method, brainwave data is displayed on a computer screen, and clients work on regulating their brainwaves by interacting with the screen mentally. Unlike other types of neurofeedback, no signals are sent back to the brain during this process. Typically, over 40 sessions are needed, each lasting around 45 minutes to an hour.

On the other hand, with IASIS Neurofeedback, clients simply sit still for a short period. A small signal is transmitted back to the brain to do all the work. Clients may notice immediate changes or within a few sessions. IASIS Neurofeedback stands out for its rapid effects, minimal sessions required, and straightforward treatment process.

Practitioners have been utilizing previous versions of IASIS MCN for more than 15 years. IASIS MCN is a proven technique, not experimental. More than 75,000 patients have benefited from technologies based on the same principles as IASIS MCN.

IASIS MCN is exclusively delivered to patients under the supervision of trained medical professionals – it’s not designed for home use. This neurofeedback system requires a prescription and complies with state-specific regulations for authorized prescription use.

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