Discover Neurofeedback Benefits with IASIS MCN

Experience the transformative power of IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback (IASIS MCN), a revolutionary neurofeedback therapy that unlocks your brain’s full potential. This gentle, noninvasive technology guides your brain and nervous system toward optimal self-regulation, improving focus, reducing stress, and lasting well-being. IASIS MCN fosters healthy brainwave patterns, helping you become more resilient and enjoy the benefits of a balanced, high-functioning mind.

Why IASIS MCN Outperforms Traditional Neurofeedback

IASIS MCN ushers in a new era where cumbersome brain mapping is a thing of the past. The path to sustainable neurofeedback benefits and brain health improvements is now shorter, requiring 1/3 fewer sessions, offering both cost-effectiveness and time savings. Our state-of-the-art system is designed to work passively, making therapy sessions or extensive patient-clinician interactions unnecessary. What sets IASIS MCN apart from traditional approaches is its gentle, yet impactful signal that delivers results without the adverse effects commonly associated with older techniques.

Traditional NFB
Patient Involvement
Number of Sessions
Treatment Area
Entire Brain
Reactivity Levels
Little to None
Excessive Reactivity
Side Effects
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"Throughout my two-decade career in therapy, nothing compares to the swift and enduring outcomes I've seen with IASIS MCN in combatting conditions like depression and anxiety. It's been nothing short of miraculous—witnessing everything from total issue resolution to children with autism speaking for the first time in front of their parents. This technology has been an extraordinary gift to the people in my care."
jeremy lelek neurofeedback benefits
Jeremy Lelek, PhD, ICP
Metroplex Wellness & Counseling

Transform Your Life: Neurofeedback Benefits of IASIS MCN Sessions

IASIS MCN helps people of all ages with a variety of neurological challenges. Instead of masking symptoms, our gentle, effective therapy addresses the root causes for lasting improvement. Here are some of the neurofeedback benefits patients may experience:

  • See noticeable improvement within 1-3 sessions.
  • Gentle and non-reactive performance
  • Faster results, fewer sessions than traditional neurofeedback
  • The benefits surpass expectations
  • Save money with fewer required sessions
  • Enhancing resilience in individuals
  • Patients become less vulnerable
  • Feel the (well) effects

The Ultimate Neurofeedback Therapy Backed by Evidence

Backed by research from the esteemed UCSD/VA Published Study, IASIS MCN has demonstrated undeniable positive changes in the brain through neuroimaging evidence. With over 1.75 million IASIS MCN sessions administered, we proudly report an absence of negative repercussions, as recounted by our committed practitioners and the clients they serve. Our clients frequently testify to the neurofeedback benefits and significant relief they experience from their most troubling symptoms.

Pathways to Healing: Insights from Global Health Leaders

IASIS Technologies‘ CEO, Barry Bruder, engages with top minds in the healthcare field. Discover their innovative strategies for aiding patient recovery.

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Play Video about iasis technologies dr michael brown
Episode 3: Dr. Michael Brown

IASIS MCN Success: Client Results That Speak Volumes

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