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More Micro Current Neurofeedback Information

More Micro Current Neurofeedback Information

MCN does not train the brain like traditional neurofeedback, rather it “un-trains” the brain and CNS (central nervous system) by allowing it to reorganize itself and shift from its formerly fixed patterns.  This is analogous to re-booting a computer.

Our experience with MCN is significant: over 85% of clients begin to observe a noticeable positive response in 1-3 sessions. For example, more than 85% of mild/moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) report noticing a reduction in head pain, brain fog, impulsivity and and better sleep during the first few sessions. The same is also true for anxiety and PTSD. Reported changes are generally enduring and sustainable.

Some clients even notice helpful changes during the initial session. Early changes may be temporary, and due to the cumulative nature of IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback, are observed to last longer with each training. By the end of a series of training sessions improvements may be substantial. While some patients require “tune-ups,” for the most part the benefits endure. This is the result of the brain regaining healthier neuro-chemical balance, and developing more neuro-plasticity and a natural resistance to returning to a dysfunctional state. The number of sessions depend on the individual, their condition and acuity.


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