Susan Rohr, BSN, RN

Susan Rohr, BSN, RN

Susan Rohr, BSN, RN

Clinical Advisor, Iasis Technology

Susan Rohr, BSN, RN, is the owner of Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC, located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. As an Integrative Registered Nurse and Ondamed/Energy Medicine Practitioner, Susan believes in nurturing the body’s innate healing potential.

“Every patient is a beautiful, complex puzzle, requiring the practitioner to focus not on symptoms but to reach with the patient into their physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual body to identify the root causes of their “dis-ease” process.

“My personal struggles with Chronic Lyme and auto-immune illness provides me a unique perspective into understanding the daily challenges faced by my patients. This journey has led to an evolution of my body and soul to a place of living my best life, every day. When you transform all the parts of yourself you heal to the core. At Brookfield Health and Wellness, every treatment protocol is customized to the patient’s own unique needs.”

Credentials and Certifications

Viterbo University, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, BSN

State of Wisconsin and California Board Certified RN

Ondamed Intensive 2011 and 2013

Klinghardt Academy Intensive Seminar: Autonomic Response Testing, Lyme Protocols

Autism, Neural Therapy, Chronic Disease at Whidbey Island

International Ondamed Educator

College of Integrative Medicine, Member

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