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Iasis MCN Neurofeedback Data

Notes on Using Data to Get Smart

Notes on Using Data to Get Smart

It illustrates the status of the process, it’s like an ex ray. It gives you a image of what is occurring to the process/condition. All data Fluctuates if not you are using the wrong kind of data.

You can determine the following once the data is in charted form,

Our process in a combination of the client and their stuff, the hardware software, and the ICP , with their techniques and knowledge.

You implement the change (your decision on the protocol, number of pairs, number of exposures, number of cycles). New data comes in, you chart the next week of data, the charts validates change, if any.

You decide what the next intervention is, increased pairs etc. or step up in protocol. Your call based on your experience and the charts.

Charts continue to be used until a shift in the process is recognized. After a systemic change is realized a new chart is computed to determine what the output of the new process is. The charts and expectations are compared. 

The charts shows the history of improvement, the data is proof of success or not. Eventually the IASIS Certified Providers (ICP) operations are improved, another ICP may unlock the door to a particular success. That then can be shared with others. Each ICP will have their unique skills and intuition, that may or may not be able to be articulated. We will see.

Remember this doesn’t make sense until you play with the charts, understand what the process is doing and what and when you implement change.

Barry Bruder‘s techniques are far advanced, his knowledge base is backed by his experience, intuition, trial and error, we new ICPs are figuring things out, the charting can help expedite improving clients conditions and one day with this data we can say IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback cures with scientific facts.

Go to Spcpress.com read Wheeler’s articles to help you gain charting insight, learning all the IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback skills didn’t happen over night for me. Eventually Barry can say let’s look at your data to see how efficient we are and we can calaborate with a scientific information to the world.

If you have a weeks worth of data before your clients has their first appointment, you got what you need to make a better decision.

“Trust only God tell others to send data”

Improving IASIS MCN Treatment

Dudley Chewning EdD, LMFT, LPC-S, ICP. Retired combat pilot, clinical member of AAMFT. Mental health director for the following: Medical Reserve Corps NW La., VOAD NW La., PTSD TBI counseling Center NW La., and Katrina Rita evacuation shelter Shreveport La. I have presented at the National, State, and local level. I focus on medical issues inside a family and specifically, trauma memory. I am privileged to be collaborating with Hugh Bruder on trauma memory within First Responders and with Barry Bruder on improving processes utilizing IASIS MCN in all its versatility. My current challenge is collaborating with providers on the advantages of IASIS MCN over medication and insight therapy. I have been fortunate to consult with the juvenile courts on transforming dysfunctional families. Keeping families united instead of incarceration. Thanks Barry for the privilege of being a collaborating ICP that changes how healing can begin. As always, looking for a way, as Uncle Lucius sings, “to keep the wolves away”.

Dudley Chewning EdD, LMFT, ICP

Dudley Chewning EdD, LMFT, ICP

Retired combat pilot, clinical member of AAMFT. Mental health director for the following: Medical Reserve Corps NW La., VOAD NW La., PTSD TBI counseling Center NW La., and Katrina Rita evacuation shelter Shreveport La. My current challenge is collaborating with providers on the advantages of IASIS MCN Neurofeedback over medication and insight therapy.

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